Dance Class

Express your movements along with music, help relieve stress and build interpersonal relationships through our dance classes!

In the dance class, you can learn standard dance from Waltz, Tango, to Foxtrot, which is very useful for Ball Season in Vienna. Also, you can enjoy more rhythmical dance such as Rumba, Cha cha cha, and Jive which are deeply rooted in passionate Latin dance.

Our dance classes are provided in private single, couple and group lessons. The private lesson is for a person who is preparing for marriage or the ball especially. In this intimate private lesson, you can learn how to lead and receive easily and comfortably in the right way. You can also just enjoy movement with music and have fun in active group dance classes at any time of the year.

Discount price will be applied to multiple times class payment. Please find out more at the Pricing Tables.