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Chlorides, bromides etc of the Group 2 metals are mostly soluble. (1) Figure . The RF3 content, thus, is another essential factor to be considered. The solubility of metal halides depends on their nature, lattice enthalpy and hydration enthalpy of the individual ions. 1984 Nov;31(11):1036-40. doi: 10.1016/0039-9140(84)80244-1. The solubility of the alkaline earth metal hydroxides in water increases with increase in atomic number down the group. Straight lines were obtained at temperatures above and below the changes in slope of the solubility curves. or decrease with the atomic number of lanthanons. The oxides of calcium, strontium, and barium are basic and the hydroxides are strongly basic. Both are very soluble, unlike the other halides of those metals. Nd2O3 in NdF3‐LiF‐BaF2. Part 1. The solubilities of all lanthanon trifluorides in buffered solutions of constant ionic strength (0.5 M) show a minimum at a pH between 3 and 4. The limited solubility of rare earth oxides (REOs) in fluoride melt has been an obstacle to preparation of rare earth metals (REMs) by oxide‐fluoride electrolysis. The alkali metals form monofluorides. The increasing order for the solubility of alkaline earth metal oxides is BcO < M gO

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